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* Aster C1

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Among various 3D printers, ASTER C1 is a FDM type 3D printer, which is a smart 3D printer that can be used in conjunction with the cloud automatic slicing and cloud model management system developed by ASTER for cloud remote control printing. It does not require any technical threshold for users, and elementary students can use it without any barriers.

Key Features of ASTER C1

  • Case is made of frame type whole machine structure, no need to assemble, ready to use out of the box and has excellent texture.
  • Uses a proprietary mechanical system with super silent motherboard independently developed by aster to reduce noise and improve print quality.
  • Using mobile phone APP to control printing at the same time with local touch LCD control printing, it is very simple to use.
  • Use cloud automatic slicing and model management to eliminate the difficulty of using slicing software.
  • It is possible to print without special adhesive or taping which is commonly used with special coated coating and it is easy to take out the print after



    Product Size

    340x315x320 mm

    Product weight


    Packing box

    445x415x445 mm

    Package weight (including main unit and accessory accessories)



    Ambient operating temperature

    5 - 35 °C


    AC input

    Free Volt  100~240V, 50~60Hz

    Power Supply

    24V DC @ 6A

    Power consumption

    160W (MAX)


    Printing technology

    FDM, FFF (Fused Filament Fabrication)

    Molding size


    Molding speed

    30mm/sec ~ 150mm/sec

    Filament diameter


    Filament type


    Nozzle diameter


    Nozzle temperature

    170-230°C Normally,256 max

    Heating Bed Maximum Temperature