Collection: 3d printer control board for ender 3 3d printer series

3d printer control board :



1.Double 32 bits ARM Cortex-M3 CPUs , Faster running Speed ,more sensitive control system, higher printing precise, stronger performance .

2.TMC2208 UART Ultra Mute Drives .  

3.Keep Full function of Original Ender 3 , Added with Cloud Auto Printing , Auto slicing , No need to set up complicated parameter .

4.PWM Intelligent temperature control , completely get rid of Fan Noises .  

5.  Intelligent Nozzle Temperature control ( Only Cloud Auto slicing mode Support ) , Keep Printing High Quality & Delicacy .

6.  100% Positioning Replacement Match , No Need to Install Firmware , Easy to DIY .

7.  The nozzle will move back during Pause printing , Traceless for Resume printing .

8.  Supports BL-Touch automatic Leveling and material break detection .

9.  Supports LED Lighting  

10.  Support App Remote control 3d Printing , No need to download the files for 3d Printing .

3d printer control board
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